BR Consulting Company

Building resiliency within your organization

Whether you want us to work for you individually or help your entire  organization we can tailor our services for you!  Call today for a free  phone consultation to discuss your organizational needs.        

We can help you achieve these results.....

  •  more effective decision making processes
  • improved leadership skills
  • improved skills in dealing with conflict 
  • improved levels of trust and cooperation among organizational members.

Board Training

 Whether you need to train new board members or existing board  members, we are here to help.  Let BR Consulting customize the training  needed for your organization:

  • Brown Act
  • Policy Review / Adoption
  • Conduct and Ethics

We help business owners and organizations develop business  strategies so they can be successful. We work with you to   improve organizational culture and employee relations. Find out how we  can help you and your organization today!

Dena McCullough


20 years of experience as an educator and administrator, B.A in Liberal Studies, M.A. in Educational Leadership

30 years of experience as a business owner